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Whispers of a Vacant Dreamer Leo Part 1 by FeRV
Whispers of a Vacant Dreamer Leo Part 1
3 am... it was usual for Leo to be wandering near the park, since his boyfriend got killed during a battle between some unknown guys with battle suits, guys he came to know that they were rangers, when he acquired his powers a couple months ago, when in his grief he wished upon that strange falling star.

He thought that being one of them would make the things easier; but he only came to find a dead end in every clue he got about that mysterious ranger that attacked his city.

To sleep was useless for him, he always ended having the same nightmare that wouldn't let Leo rest. so he would rather to put on his red hoodie and get out for a walk instead of being mourning alone in their house. It was still holding some of his betrothed smell, especially the bathroom with all those lavender-scented mineral salts he enjoyed so much.

Sidewalk, road, sidewalk, road, it was not of much use using sidewalks on a thursday at 3:27 am, no people or cars, everything was pretty much the sound of crickets and some barking dogs at least until 6:00, just in time to be ready to cover his shift at the police dept, to get himself full of coffee and cigarettes for breakfast and then try to catch the bad guys of some more conventional crimes.

These things would come to Leo's mind every early morning, but that day was different; a little voice came from behind him interrupting his thoughts:
<<Sir, could you please help me?>>

Leo turned his head back to see a little girl behind him, he leaned a little and then put his hand over her shoulder. <<are you ok?>>.

The girl smirked watching him to the eyes. <<Of course I am, but will you be?>>.
Her blonde hair turned pink, her clothes started to glow and a big hammer appeared in her hands .

<<she's one of them!>> Leo then activated the device on his watch to turn himself too. After the transformation he was facing the ranger, he got in fighting stance. <<Don't make me hurt you, Kid>>

The ranger laughed <<I'm not a kid, I'm Cindy, The Duchess of Anarchy, and what make you think that you will be even able to get close to me?>> then she started singing on her hammer; all the shadows of the trees, the street lamps, parked cars and even their own started to circle around the two combatants and finally took form into humanoid shapes with pink glowing stripes all over their body. <<My imagines will take care of you>> she mumbled.

The imagines started their attack on Leo, but he was hitting back, all his training in the academy came useful and enhaced with his powers, but they were too many, and as soon as he would beat one of them a lot more would be appearing to attack.

<<This creatures are just endless!>> After several minutes fighting, Leo took out his guns and started to shoot at them, they would burn for some seconds and fall, but then they would spawn again instantly.

<<No, this won't end here. It just can't...>> the man was feeling his energy decreasing by each second, not seeming even close to defeat them, and all the lack of sleep he had the past weeks wasn't helping either.

Cindy rolled her eyes and started tapping her foot on the asphalt. <<Enough playing!>>

The yelling got Leo distracted, and then got punched in the face making him fall on his back. Leo's anger quickly turned into frustration, completely tired he just closed his eyes and expected a final blow.

After some seconds he opened his eyes again to see  himself surrounded by the imagines and cindy looking him down...

<<you are stepping into very thin ice, big boy...>> Cindy tapped her hammer two times and she along with the imagines vanished like smoke.

After that, Leo's suit dissapeared leaving him with his normal clothes, just a few seconds before he passed out.
Made for the :iconrangersunited: Whispers of a Vacant Dreamer
The storyline and Cindy are form :iconkyde-drakes:
The Fallen Star Marauder by FeRV
The Fallen Star Marauder
So after I decided to take Adras out, I wanted to make a new character.
I already have his backstory, but I plan to put it all in a different submission.
As a long story short. Leo is from this dimension, but he made his wish during the events of omega, making his wish to reach the fallen stars' universe.

His wish was to have the power to take Revenge on a Ranger after he lost a beloved one as a side victim on a battle.
He got a Fallen Star powers, but his karma became to never be able to find peace until he find the guilty of his grief. Beating some Rangers in order to find information about this special one he don't calls himself a murderer, untill the time to kill the responsible for his lover's death arrives.

Leo is an expert on Melee fighting, but in his Fallen Star mode he gets his guns.

Enhaced reflexes and strenght.
Bullet from hell: Shoots fire bullets able to virtually turn everything they hit into ashes.

I'm coming with a more complete story soon ;)
Hope you like.
Yeah, that's right.
I'm opening commissions, you can check prices below.
If you are interested or have any questions about, feel free to pm me.
Payments via Paypal only ATM. :)

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